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Construction Management

Attention! Prints published here represent outline of performances and of principles discussed at studio works! Pure knowledge of these sheets is not enough to garantee success at midsemester tests and/or at the exams, but together with notes and manuscripts of students will help understanding and structuring knowledge discussed during the courses!


copy right:  Slides published here are primary to serve as study aids for students of Faculty of Civil Engineering of Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In case of secondary - or other purposed - utilization of texts and graphics published here authors do declare their demand to indicate present sources as: author and title + "Home Page 2000- of Department of Construction Technology & Management, Budapest University of Technology and Economics".

Slides of performances

   Construction Management [BMEEPEKAT41]   (B.Sc.4)

   Construction Management - Estimates [BMEEPEKAS01]   (B.Sc.5)


   Construction Management - Contracting [BMEEPEKAS02]   (B.Sc.6)


   Managing Civil Engineering Projects [BMEEPEKA-D1]   (M.Sc.3)


   Construction Management - [BMETKEPM105] (ARCH)   (B.Sc.8)


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