Magyar BUTE Dept. Of Construction Technology & Management 
Part-Time Lecturers

Gábor Neuwirth (1931) 
( retired ) associate professor 

dipl. Civil Engineer (spec. structures), Technical University of Construction and Economics  ("ÉKME" - ancestor of  TUB) 1953 

foreign languages: speakes, corresponds in English and in Russian


  • Cost estimates and pricing in Construction
  • Site management
  • Time estimates
  • Hungarian application system in higher education
  • Measuring productivity of  education in highschools
  • professional, scientific and public activities:
  • Chair of  National Educational Society of  Technical Universities and Polytechnics (1970-89)
  • Deputy Dean of  Faculty of Civil Engineering, TUB (1973-91)
  • Ministerial commisioner of  (written) higher educational appliation procedures in Vas county (1962-65), later in Budapest (1965-86)
  • Manager, later whole-country director of  Preliminary Training Programs for Trained Workers (1973-91)
  • Leader of  Committee of  Preparatory Works of Application's for Higher Education, later leader of  Movement for Talents (1972-)
  • Manager (1990-97), later member of  board of Gyõrffy István Talents' Care Foundation
  • Director (1986-92), later chief consultant of  National Higher Educational Applications' Office (1992-99)
  • significant projects:
  • Alltogether 10 research programs in fields of : construction cost estimates and pricing, structure comparisons

  • ( hydraulics, underground structures, supply ducts )
  • Expertises and surveys (21) : KPM analysing public road bridge structures, construction legislation and standards, users guide and methodology for using cost and performance standards, capacity analysis at North-Pest investments of  METROBER company
  • Site layout and survey plans (53) : North-South lane of  METRO, Gellért-Hill basins of  water supply system of  Budapest, Barrage (dam) at Csongrád, highway and road reconstructions in Budapest ( Róbert Károly körút, Budafoki út, Sasadi út, Hungária körút, Erzsébet királyné útja, Soroksári út, Újpest centrum road system, Erzsébet híd reconstruction ), Computer aided production analysis of companies ( Északdunántúli Vízügyi Igazgatóság, Gyõri-, Székesfehérvári-, Hódmezõvásárhelyi KÉV )
  • Structure and technology designs (8), cost estimates and pricing of dwelling houses, offices and other public buildings (10), time estimates and site layout plans (15)
  • significant publications:
  • 16 volumes of university lecture notes in fields of  construction management, cost estimates and pricing, mechanization of  substructural works, and of construction performance
  • 10 studies in fields of construction site layout design, monitoring higher education, application system in higher education and of computer aided education
  • 57 volumes of  books and studies about choice of career, experiences of application system in higher education

  • ( preparing for application, application guides, surveys )
  • 12 volumes of  books and alltogether 63 articles about evaluating education in highschools